Social Post Magic Review and Bonuses

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Welcome to my Social Post Magic Review and Bonuses!

This Is The Best Social Media Hack Of 2020. And The Easiest Social Media Management Platform You’ll Ever Own…

Get An Entire Social Media Management Team Working For You On Autopilot. Create A Whole Year Of Content In Just An Hour And Generate A Month’s Traffic In Just Minutes…

With Faster, Easier and More Profitable Automated Social Media Posting

Everyone KNOWS they should be doing more on social media… but here’s the most common response.

“I Don’t Have Time!”

That’s a thing of the past with Social Post Magic!

It’s a cloud-based app, that allows you to connect to the biggest social platforms on the web. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Vimeo, Reddit, and MORE.

Effortlessly have content at your fingertips. One-click post to all locations. Schedule your posts, RE-Schedule, and do it all from one dashboard.

With Integrations To All Of The Major Cloud Storage Suites, Social Post Magic Puts The Power Of Automation Into Your Social Media Marketing







The Product
Immediately Power Up Your Social Media

Instantly connect your social media to the platform and create, schedule, and manage your business from one easy platform.

Watch the demo video to see Social Post Magic in action.

Just A Few Of Social Post Magic’s Top Features

Connect, Post, Schedule to Unlimited Social Media Accounts

With Social media EXPLODING – Everyone who is wanting to get MORE SALES, More SUBSCRIBERS…

More of… let’s face it… ANYTHING needs to be across all of the platforms.

Posting regularly, keeping everything updated and current.

You can’t afford to be seen to be ‘Not up to date’


That’s why Social Post Magic has been created.

Instantly connect, post, schedule to ALL of your accounts… Do months or YEARS worth of content in just minutes.

What Does It Mean To You?

Just Like These Social Post Magic Beta Users Did




Social Post Magic Review – The Features

Just A Few Of Social Post Magic’s Top Features

  • Post To All Your Social Media Platforms From One Dashboard
  • Organize, Manage All Your Social Media Content Under One Roof
  • Reuse, Recycle And Reschedule Posts All With Just One Click.
  • Automatically Build Yourself A Library Of Precious Content – All Magically Sorted Into Groups And Categories.
  • Save Time. Save Effort. Save Hassle.
  • Unlimited Accounts. Unlimited Posts, Unlimited Content
  • Manage, Post, And Reschedule Your Content On The Go – From Anywhere With An Internet Connection!
  • The Best Social Media Hack Of 2020.Front End: Social Post Magic Software – $67 one time
    OTO 1 Automated Content Growth – 19.95/per month
    OTO2 Social Post Agency Pack – $197/per year

Social Post Magic Review – How Does It Work?

  • STEP 1: Schedule – With Social Post Magic, you can schedule your posts to appear on any platform at any time. Meaning you can do a little posting session whenever you fancy – instead of when you have to. Schedule at times you know your posts will go nuclear – or schedule to suit your fans in different timezones. When you want to post is up to you – Social Post Magic makes it super easy.
  • STEP 2: Post – You can add unlimited platforms – And always stay logged in – so you never need to flick from platform to platform. Meaning you have total control over your entire social media management – All under one dashboard. And meaning you can effortlessly post to multiple platforms with just one single click.
  • STEP 3: Automatically Repost – We all know it’s important to recycle right? But did you know that doing it with your social media posts is the QUICKEST way to build your business, your brand, and your bank balance?… Normally once you post – that’s it – your content is lost into the ether of Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. And to find it again, you’d have to trawl through the archives of each of your accounts, copy and paste that content (and save any corresponding video or image content separately. Then store them in a file or spreadsheet… AND find some way to categorize them so you can reuse them – Oh and remember to date-stamp them so you know exactly when you last used them… To put it simply. It’s a ballache. It’s time-consuming, it’s fiddly, it’s a headache.
    • With Social Post Magic, As You Post You’ll Automatically Build Up A Library Of Posts – Perfectly Suited To You And Your Brand – Social Post Magic cleverly sorts that that into categories for you – Grouping your library of content into easy to find, easy to manage collections. Meaning all you need to do to keep a constant source of content hitting your fans and followers every single day is –
    • Simply Click, Reschedule and Let Social Post Magic Do The Rest – You Can Build A Year’s Content In Hours – But You Can RESCHEDULE It In Minutes. There Has Never Been A Quicker Way To Build Your Business, Brand, And Bank Balance – All Under One Dashboard.
  • STEP 4: Profit – With your virtual social media team working for you on autopilot, you’ll never need to worry about manually posting anything ever again. You’ll have Social Post Magic working their – well magic – for you.



































The One Thing Social Post Magic Will NEVER Do – (Providing You Buy It On This Very Special Offer) Is Charge You More Than Once…

When you buy right now, you’ll be grandfathered in for a one-time price and will never have to pay another cent ever again. You get all the social media automation – You get all the scheduling… The automatic posting… The effortless content curation… The one-click reposting. You get what all the top social media management platforms have – AND MORE… The only thing you don’t get – is the high recurring cost. WINNER!

Social Post Magic Review – Should You Get It Today?

Social Post Magic Will Change Your World For The Better…

  • All Controlled By One Easy Dashboard
  • Giving You Back Your Time, Boosting Your Free Traffic
  • Taking Away Any Confusion, Automatically Building Your Content
  • Makes Getting Customers From FREE Traffic Faster And Easier
  • Puts The Major Time Suck Of Social Media Onto A Completely Automated System

PLUS You’re Getting All These Incredible Bonuses From Vendor In Limited Time!

  • BONUS 1: 36 Days Planner ($97 Value) – With 365 days done for your posts – you’ll never be short of inspiration or something to say to your fans or followers. And with a designed-to-get-maximum-attention post for every single day – Crafted by their social media experts. That means you’ll be making every single day a payday too.
  • BONUS 2: Image “Meme” Software “Meme Post Magic” ($97 Value) – One of the web’s FASTEST and most shared mediums are memes. Effortless meme creation with this free bonus software. Add an image – add your text and boom. Online, nothing to install. Rocket your viral traffic with MemePostMagic.
  • BONUS 3: Content Master “Google Chrome Plugin” ($97 Value) – Make Your Social Post Magic account come to life with this amazing Google Chrome Plugin. Whenever you see something cool, something that you could use in your own marketing, instantly add it to your SocialPostMagic Library. Ready to post and share on all your channels. Your web browsing just became your biggest asset as the purpose-built Content Master plugin lets you copy and paste to your library.
  • BONUS 4: 100 Social Media Images ($67 Value) – Use these images in your marketing. Add them to your posts, web pages, and even videos. Make your marketing POP. We all know that it’s the PICTURE that is worth 1000 words. You need to be dropping in the very BEST image work that you possibly can to stand out from the noise. Better images get noticed and better images get shared! This pack will make sure you have the edge.
  • BONUS 5: 100 Quotes From The Worlds Most Famous People ($67 Value) – This resource can be added to your Social Post Media library so easily and really adds some authority to your posts. When you have the most famous people in the world making comments that echo your product, you are bound to get more attention. This collection has been curated for you. Simply grab a famous quote and go!
  • BONUS 6: Social Traffic Plan ($37 Value) – Learn how to utilize Facebook to increase traffic to your company site properly..”Discover how Twitter can help you engage more with your customers and grow your business… Find out why Instagram is one of the best social media platforms to grow brand awareness and promote your products and services… Learn how you can utilize YouTube to reach more people and increase website traffic… Learn how Pinterest can get you more targeted website traffic and grow your business… And MUCH MORE… Finally, make Social Media WORK for you”.

So After This Exclusive Launch Period, Social Post Magic Will ONLY Be Available For A Monthly RECURRING Fee!

It will be priced competitively compared to other platforms – BUT it will never be this cheap ever again. And it will never be for such a low one-time cost. BUT When YOU Click Below, You Will Be Grandfathered In For A One-Time Fee And NEVER Have To Pay Another Cent Ever Again – And That’s Why This Offer Is ONLY Available To You For Such A Short Time. Right Here. Right Now. On This Page. One-Time Only!































































Here are my final thoughts.  If you want a One Easy Dashboard, that can Organize, Manage All Your Social Media Content Under One Roof that Automatically Builds Your Content plus it Makes Getting Customers From FREE Traffic Faster And Easier this is for you! Forget about all the manual work and spending your whole day posting on social media Honestly, I wish I had found something like this years ago. And don’t be intimidated by the low price of $ 67.00 one-time cost this is a steal. Get in now because after the launch this price may double.


















































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