How To Make Money On YouTube With Clickbank In 2020 – How To Make Money With Clickbank

How To Make Money On YouTube With Clickbank In 2020 – How To Make Money With Clickbank

So in this video, I’m, going to show you how to make money on youtube with Clickbank. In 2020, you don’t need any upfront costs. To start with. With this method, you’ll be able to make more money as an affiliate for using someone else’s product.

Instead of just making money on youtube’s, Adsense so be sure to stay till the end of this video. So you don’t miss out on any of the steps. I discuss all right. Let’s, get into it. So what I’ve done is I’ve gone into youtube and typed in fitness.

I’m, going to stick with the fitness niche in this video. For this example and then I click on the filter and then you’re going to want to click on over here where it says creative commons, and what this will do.

Is it’s, going to bring up a whole bunch of these copyright-free videos, which means you can actually take these videos and use it and upload it back into youtube as if it’s, your own and youtube won’t strike you for it.

You don’t need to get the creator’s permission, and you can see here that there are plenty of videos that you can use within this niche tons of fitness, videos, health and fitness talks about goals, fitness, routine, okay, and once You’ve found a video that you would like to use.

I would actually point something out here and make some suggestions that youtube has done some updates to its platform in terms of service, and i would highly advise that you read through them and do some slight edits to make these videos more of your own and so To do that, you just need to download the video to your desktop upload it to an online video editor tool.

Um, you could do a google search for the best online video editor or just choose which one you want um. To give you some examples. Some popular ones are uh Filmora. This is a popular one that a lot of people use another one is called open shot.

I think this one, you might actually need to download this to your desktop, but you can just check out the different ones they have available and see which one you would like the best they all work fairly.

The same so staying within this niche. It’s, not just fitness that you can use. You can type in running something like weight: training, okay, guys and then, once you’ve chosen, whichever video that you’re gonna start with um and make those slight edits with an intro and outro, you can upload those videos to Your youtube channel, sometimes you can also um, add in some of your own copyright, free music.

You can tear it to your videos, which you can actually find right on youtube. You can do a voiceover talking about the product if you want, and that kind of adds your own branding, you need to really make it your own.

Another reason this is such a great method to use is that you have to get approved by youtube’s, review process, which is the monetization of your channel. But first, you need to get a thousand subscribers and four thousand watch hours and it’s.

Gonna take some time for that and it’s. Gonna take about another two weeks to a month to go through that review process. To get approved um and that’s a long time, so what you can do in the meantime, so what you want to do is come over to this site called Clickbank.

com. If you don’t already have an account. It’s a simple process. You can sign up right here. It’s 100 free to join, enter in some basic details. So here we are in the Clickbank dashboard, as you can see over here to the left under categories.

There are several different niches that you can choose from that offer: digital and physical products and courses, mostly digital products. So you can see, we have cooked food and wine. You’ve been using any marketing health and fitness home and garden.

So then, what you want to do is you want to choose one of these categories? Let’s, go into health and fitness, then what you want to do is in this box right here. You want to sort results by gravity, and this is going to show you the current best-selling products here in the health and fitness niche.

So you can see here at the top. We have proven um, which is selling, which has sold 476 copies for this product. From affiliates within the last seven days, so you know that that is one of the best selling products currently on Clickbank for the health and fitness niche um.

You want to also look at some other factors here if they have an affiliate page, because that’s, going to give you some promotional tools, so you help you actually promote this product. You can come down here.

You can see other different types of products. This is actually a physical supplemental product. I believe this one is as well, so let’s come down here to look at a couple of other ones. We know the keto diet is very popular.

So for going to go ahead and click on here to the affiliate page and see what kind of resources we have here? Okay, so here we are in the custom, keto diet, affiliate resources page here it’s, going to give you an overview of the types of promotional tools that they’re, going to be offering you to help promote their product.

Here you can create your affiliate links, um showing us if you want to do it more of a straightforward way. Just your standard link straight to keto quiz with no video they offer one dollar day trial, then build for thirty-seven dollars just go straight to the keto quiz.

These quizzes are really great because they create that uh engagement, showing the interest of your customer, get product information. It’s, going to give you the information on what your customer is going to get if they purchase.

You can actually use this information in your videos or your emails. I’ve got some real role, testimonials so from people that have gotten results. These animated banners that you can use in your website or anywhere that you can um that accepts Html and then all you would need to do are to make sure that you get um to self your affiliate link, as you would just change these x’s and put in your affiliate link your uh, your id and remember you get that id when you sign up for Clickbank, so that’s.

What you’re, going to want to replace where ever you see these x’s? It’s, got social media to help to promote a custom, keto diet on your social media pages. They suggest that you edit the descriptions that they have included in the packs to avoid duplications.

There’s several here. Quite a bit got lead magnets. If this is an incentive that marketers can offer to potential buyers in exchange for their email address or their contact information, you can download the lead magnet.

You can redirect them to their sales page using your affiliate link, and this way you can follow up with them via email about the benefits of the custom. Keto diet, diet, because a lot of affiliates, probably because a lot of people will not buy on the first time, seeing an offer, got landing pages where you can host their sales page on your domain.

You can download the file on this page and upload them to your own server. Just remember. You always want to uh change out and put your own affiliate id here too so you’ll. Actually, when you get to sell it will go through your affiliate link.

They got done for you, videos here, that you can actually use um intermittent fasting and keto a guide to keto so tons of these videos that you can just use and just give different titles and descriptions for and upload to your youtube channel.

If you wanted to create a full-blown youtube channel about health and fitness, I would suggest, since there’s, probably a lot of people out there that you want to maybe like put in an outro intro, to make it unique as it might Be considered as a duplicate, if everyone’s, putting these the same videos as they are on youtube and then the list goes on it’s, got a media buyers, customer demographics.

So this is great. If you’re going to be using uh pay-per-click ads, such as in google Youtuber, bing um, you can see the customer base here with the genders. 80 women – 20 men. So you’re, going to want to use these demographics between these ages, 35 and 65 in the different countries, so that’s, great it’s got all articles.

You can use done for keywords: email swipes, you download! All of this – and you can utilize this in all of your campaigns and then it’s, got the frequently asked questions if you’re, just wanting to know exactly how to actually specifically promote using these resources.

Okay, so what you’re, also going to want to do – is actually go to the offer page with what you’re, promoting here on Clickbank, because there are some older products on Clickbank that are outdated.

Probably some of them are not very good to actually promote any more, to be honest with you. So, as you can see here for this specific one, it’s very professional, very vivid in the coloring, with the pictures and the video sales letters, and very straightforward.

This is a perfect example of a professional well laid out promotional page with the via cells later, okay, so just a couple other things I wanted to point out here that I didn’t mention before is uh, as you can see here that the Average, commission that you’re, going to be getting is 45 dollars and 14 cents for this product um.

A lot of times too is they have upsells, and you can see here there’s, a recurring rebill. Eighty-four dollars and fourteen cents – and you can actually if you come back over here – um they have.

If you click on here, you can actually have different options to where you can see what products offer a one dollar trial that is recurring, for you can be making these commissions on a monthly basis that they’re automatically going to be charged until They actually cancel their subscription, and then you know once you’ve gone through the affiliate resources page, that we have for the custom, keto diet, and that you know that this is a good product to promote what you’re, going to Want to do is click on promote and then you can see here again showing you can earn 75 percent commission for every customer.

You refer to this product so that’s, actually pretty amazing um. So then, you want to put in your account nickname that you’re, going to get when you created your Clickbank account. You put a tracking id say if you’re promoting this on youtube.

If you want just to see where your cells are coming from, you, don’t have to generate links. Got this uh. You left this big huge, ugly, hop link. So once uh you come over here to and then here you can, you can put your Clickbank affiliate link and you can shorten it and then, once you have this affiliate link, you can put it in the description of your of the videos, your youtube channel And then you can mention something in the description of the video saying: hey click, the link in the description to get this product, or course, and if they click on your link, you get a commission.

This is just a great way to start your own channel. It’s based around just one niche, usually with the whole creative commons method. You want to be careful and not upload a bunch of videos in different categories as they can easily get banned.

So you want to stay within the same niche for each one of the youtube channels that you create. So it can be something like when the fitness category can be all related to fitness.

Okay, but you don’t want to mix different types of niches, say like dog training, with fitness and weight loss or so forth, and eventually, you’ll get proof of youtube’s monetization. So then, on top of that, once that happens and you’re, also making money through youtube’s Adsense and then and then Clickbank commissions as well, that’s, pretty much the best way to get started on youtube.

If you want to start making money right away as it is much harder to start a youtube channel and just start making money, and you will actually make more money from the affiliate marketing side until you get monetized than you would with just the youtube’s Adsense, so I hope that helps I’m, going to make more videos soon on this topic, as well as many others.

So if you want more just click and subscribe click like this video and hit the bell notification. So you don’t miss out on future videos that I release and comment down below. So if you’ve tried this method and if it’s working for you go ahead, and let me know – and thanks for watching and I’ll – see you on the next one: peace out.

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